The Clintons are Finished Forever After Dirty Picture LEAKS! (NSFW)


A leaked photo is going viral on the internet. Apparently, it is former President Bill Clinton – the husband of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – naked on a bed with a “busty” younger blonde touching his back. #IMWITHHER #HILLARYKNEW#ProtestTrump For What?#LOL — ⏰0⏰ (@0hour) November 15, 2016 ...

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WATCH: Trump Makes Promise To Protect The LGBT Community


Mainstream media hysteria over Donald Trump’s election have promised nothing short of pogroms for anyone who isn’t white, Christian and male. And the group that they seem to think is most in danger is the LGBT community. “Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election this week has left many ...

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White House Wont Rule Out Offering Hillary Clinton A Pardon


The White House is refusing to rule out a pardon to Hillary Clinton that could cover the activities of the Clinton Foundation as well as yet-unearthed material from her email scandal. Prior to Tuesday’s election, President-elect Donald Trump had indicated that he might appoint a special prosecutor to determine the ...

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The Clinton Foundation is Finished!!!


Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in the history of America. It took the powerful political skills of a true outsider like Donald Trump to defeat her, along with the political establishment and biased mainstream media. But now, the question remains: What happens to the Clinton Foundation? It first ...

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